Autocrats in Outer Space. International Autocratic Linkage and Regime Survival

In this post Alexander Schmotz, OisĂ­n Tansey, and Kevin Koehler argue that dense economic, societal, cultural and diplomatic linkages between autocracies stabilize autocrats in power. They present the results of two recently published papers statistically analyzing the effects of autocratic linkages on regime survival.


Verwechslungsgefahr! Eine Auswertung des Wahlprogrammquiz

Vor der Bundestagswahl haben wir in einem Blogbeitrag das Wahlprogrammquiz vorgestellt. Zur Erinnerung: Das Wahlprogrammquiz hat (beinah) zufällig ausgewählte Sätze aus den Wahlprogrammen der sechs (nun) im Bundestag vertretenen Parteien angezeigt. Die Nutzerinnen[1] musste dann raten, bei welcher Partei der jeweilige Satz im Wahlprogramm steht.


Presidential Elections in Kyrgyzstan – A Democratic Exception in Autocratic Central Asia?

Recent presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan were widely praised as a democratic milestone in the history of the country and the entire region. However, a closer look at assessments by international election observation missions and at events prior to the election discloses numerous shortcomings and irregularities. Patronage networks, financial and administrative resources played a crucial role for electoral success, making the Kyrgyz presidential elections an example of free and competitive, but not fair elections. Instead of further democratization, elections bore testimony to consolidating hybrid regime structures argues Ann-Sophie Gast in this guest contribution to the WZB Democracy Blog.

Statue in the remote Talas region – by Ann-Sophie Gast