The European Union: Too much democracy, too little or both?

By Richard Rose

This blog post was originally posted on the Oxford University Press.

In a symbolic gesture toward creating an ever closer Union, the EuropeanUnion conferred citizenship on everyone who was also a subject of one of its member states. However, the rights of European citizens are more like those of subjects of a the pre-1914 Germain Kaiser than of a 21st century European democracy. Citizens have the right to vote for members of the European Parliament (EP) but this does not make the EU’s governors accountable as is the case in a normal parliamentary democracy. The result is a democratic deficit. Weiterlesen

Wolfgang Merkel zur Direkten Demokratie im Interview mit ZEIT Online

 von ZEIT ONLINE hat ein Interview mit Wolfgang Merkel geführt. Es geht um das Für und Wider bundesweiter Volksentscheide. ((Auf ZEIT ONLINE findet ihr es hier.)) Lest selbst: